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4 Strategies to Build the Omnichannel Retail Stack of Your Dreams

Your most valuable customer is the one who will shop your brand in-store, online, and anywhere else you decide to go. Research from IDC suggests that these shoppers are 30 percent more valuable than single-channel shoppers who stick to only physical stores or shop only online. But to build a lasting relationship with those shoppers, you’ll need the right technology to keep up with them. The set of tech solutions you use to run your business is commonly known as your “stack,” and it plays a critical role in how people experience your brand across channels. Not all tools are created equal, so how do you choose what goes in…
Evan Brubaker
August 8, 2019
Growth StrategiesRetail Marketing

When Is the Right Time to Upgrade to a Dedicated POS?

When you’re just getting your business off the ground, the best point-of-sale (POS) solution is the one that makes life easiest for the store associate—and the one that fits your tight operating budget, of course. But as you grow your brand, new challenges start to arise. Suddenly, price isn’t always the biggest concern. Your all-in-one eCom/POS solution is affordable and easy to use, but you find yourself constantly running into limitations. Some limitations can be solved by apps or workarounds, but then your simple, affordable solution can quickly become complicated and expensive. More than 80 percent of retail sales and experiences still happen in-store. For your business to be successful,…
Evan Brubaker
July 31, 2019