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What You'll Learn

Want to bring together your in-store and online experiences? Watch the Accumula team present an on-demand demo of our integration.

In this demo, we'll cover:

  • How Accumula streamlines product publishing, invoicing orders, and in-store pickup
  • The Accumula free trial, onboarding process, and timeline
  • Plan features and pricing

You'll get a full tour of our integration and get all your questions answered. Find out how Accumula makes the most of Heartland Retail and Shopify so your team can focus on delivering the best possible customer experience.


*Looking for a demo of our integration with Lightspeed? Sign up for a demo here!

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Meet Your Expert

JW Headshot

Jeffrey Wilky

Director of Sales

Jeffrey Wilky has worked in the retail technology industry for 15+ years, gaining experience managing multi-million dollar inventories, helping retailers scale, and bringing systems together. As a seasoned retail technology specialist, he is passionate about helping retailers meet customer expectations and maximize their inventory.