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What You'll Learn

Want to bring together your in-store and online experiences? Watch the Accumula team present an on-demand demo of our Shopify integration.

In this demo, we'll cover:

  • How Accumula streamlines product publishing, fulfilling orders, and in-store pickup
  • The Accumula free trial, onboarding process, and timeline
  • Plan features and pricing

You'll get a full tour of our integration and get all your questions answered. Find out how Accumula makes the most of Lightspeed Retail (R-series) and Shopify so your team can focus on delivering the best possible customer experience.


*Looking for a demo of our integration with Lightspeed (X-series/Vend) or Heartland Retail? Sign up for a demo here!

Watch Your On-Demand Webinar

Meet Your Expert

JW Headshot

Jeffrey Wilky

Director of Sales

Jeffrey Wilky has worked in the retail technology industry for 15+ years, gaining experience managing multi-million dollar inventories, helping retailers scale, and bringing systems together. As a seasoned retail technology specialist, he is passionate about helping retailers meet customer expectations and maximize their inventory.