Accumula makes retail and ecommerce systems work together so you can focus on building your business. The result?

Less Overhead

Retail management takes precious time, money, and inventory. Accumula saves you all 3 by putting your point of sale data to work for you in your ecom store. No new software for your staff to learn. Just set it, forget it, and start seeing results as your team does their normal work.

Improved Order Flow

Accumula updates ecom Inventory in realtime, routes ecom Orders and Customers automatically to the right location, and creates a complete customer history in your point of sale so you can see your in-store and online business through the same reporting lens.

Happier Customers

Smoother workflows, more accurate inventory, and complete customer information help your team deliver a better Customer Experience. That translates into more sales and more devoted customers.

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Since switching to Accumula, our business has grown by 350%. It’s seamless and reliable. Highly recommended if you want real results online.

Chris Bone,

We were pretty skeptical about how effectively Accumula could actually link between LightSpeed and Shopify. We definitely didn't need to worry though, the whole system is actually quite easy to manage. In my books it's an A+!

Joel Mohr,

A 10,000x improvement. Accumula proved an immediate, unmatched knowledge of not only how my system was supposed to work, but how to make it work for me. They work at a lightning fast pace, providing far above average service and customer care.

Kati LeClair,

We literally looked at every option to connect our Lightspeed Retail POS system with our Shopify store; none of them will do what Accumula does. Now, my employees have to do very little to manage our webstore, Accumula does 95% of the work for them.

Jeff Walker,