Omnichannel operations for growing retailers.

Customer expectations have changed for good.
Unite online, instore, and backoffice and meet them.

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Sure, we connect your omnichannel operations. But we also manage store fulfillment across platforms, so your brand can deliver experiences like curbside pickup and find in store – those “wow!” moments that help you win and retain customers.

Create a Better Customer Experience with Omnichannel Retail - Accumula

A retail operations upgrade

that both Customers and Employees will love.

Easy Product Management

Merchandise complete product and pricing info across your channels. Easy publish. No double, triple, quadruple entry.

Optimized Inventory

Make inventory available from any warehouse or store location. Use Safety Stock to maximize inventory availability and eliminate over sales.

Ship from Store

Minimize shipping costs and fulfillment times by intelligently automating order fulfillment from warehouses and store locations.

Find in Store

Promote customer trust and drive store traffic by showing your customers exactly what is available at each store.

BOPIS and Curbside

The new normal has new expectations. Give your team the tools to satisfy expectations for curbside and pickup experiences.

Complete Customer History

Accumula shares Customer Purchases and Returns between channels for complete visibility between online, instore, and ERP.

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Worried about scaling? You don’t have to be.

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Accumula supports retailers of any size. Marine Layer has grown from 5 to 50 retail stores, adding 3PL, catalog, and ERP with Accumula.

“We wouldn’t be where we are as a business right now without Accumula.

– Adam Lynch, COO

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