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Marine Layer Logo - Accumula

Marine Layer started out selling tees from a roaming VW Bus, then expanded online. With Accumula, they’ve grown to over 50 retail stores, multiple warehouses, catalogs, and ERP.

“We wouldn’t be where we are as a business right now without Accumula.

Each time we encounter a new operational challenge, they help us solve it, and allow us to continue focusing on running (and growing) our business.”
Adam Lynch, COO

Create a Better Customer Experience with Omnichannel Retail - Accumula

Create a culture of “yes.”

True brand loyalty is built on Customer experiences, not pricing. Empower brand-defining experiences by saying “yes” to your customers, no matter which channel they engage with.

  • Increase choice by making more inventory available with Ship from Store
  • Show Customers what is in stock where with Store Availability display
  • Simplify returns and exchanges with Buy Online, Return in Store
  • Improve satisfaction with Buy Online, Pickup in Store
  • Inspire in the moment by selling on Social channels
  • Expand buying options with Omnichannel Gift Cards
  • Drive savings with Omnichannel Discounts

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Free your brand.

Don’t settle for all-in-one solutions that fall short in one channel or the other.  Accumula gives you the freedom to build the omnichannel retail stack of your dreams. No lock-in. Change systems or deploy new ones, as your needs change.


Iron and Resin Apparel Logo - Springboard Retail + Accumula Testimonial

“When we changed POS to Heartland, Accumula allowed us to maintain the rest of our stack and keep growing without disrupting the rest of our business.”
Mike Krantz, Ecom Director, Iron and Resin

A retail operations upgrade

that both Customers and Employees will love.

Transparent PIM

Simplify product info management by publishing complete product and pricing info across your channels. No double, triple, quadruple entry.

Ship from Store

Minimize shipping costs and maximize sell-through by intelligently automating order fulfillment from warehouses and store locations.

Seamless Returns

Easily process online returns instore. Improve customer data accuracy, inventory association, and transaction history.

Channel Balance

Make real-time inventory available from any warehouse or store location. Use Holdbacks to maximize inventory availability and sell-through.

Complete Customer History

Accumula shares Customer Purchases and Returns between channels for complete visibility between online, instore, ERP, and marketing.

Optimized Inventory

Rebalance and replenish inventory based on Weeks of Supply targets, not reorder points, for true trend-based inventory management.

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Accumula - Intelligent Retail Software Integrations

Focus on your Customers,
not your software.

With Accumula, there is no new complicated software to learn or login to.  Accumula integrates your existing systems intelligently so your teams can see the data they need within the software they already use. 


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