Heartland Retail + Mailchimp In-Store Integration


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Unlock In-Store Transaction Data for More Effective Marketing

Yes, it’s an omnichannel world, but more than 80% of retail sales still happen instore. Most Mailchimp POS integrations include just Customer and Email, Accumula gives you more – a lot more, to help you grow.

Make brick and mortar your secret weapon by integrating instore transaction data and extended Customer info to Mailchimp. Trigger Mailchimp Automations on a transaction basis for personalized marketing that is more relevant and more effective.

Unlock the potential of Heartland with the most advanced Mailchimp integration available.


Member Data
  • More than just Email
  • Full Address
  • Birth Month
  • Acquisition Date
  • First Transaction Date
Transaction History
  • Products Purchased
  • Transaction Location
  • Transaction Totals
  • Returns History
  • Channel Engagement

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