Heartland Retail + Shopify Plus Integration

Enterprise-grade integration from the Heartland/Shopify Plus Experts

Streamline your omnichannel operations and grow faster by delivering a better customer experience.

Accumula unites Heartland, Shopify Plus, and Shipstation to simplify product info, order management and fulfillment across channels. From 1 to 100 stores, Accumula scales with you to support new growth opportunities – social selling, multiple Shopify stores, even third-party apps like CommentSold, Zapiet, Returnly, Frenzy, Garmentory and more.

“Accumula cut our product and order management time dramatically. Auto-distribution and invoicing in Heartland allows my team to handle more order volume with the same staffing.”

Mike KrantzEcom Director, Iron and Resin

Omnichannel Customer Experience

Accumula allows your brand to deliver the omnichannel experience that customers have come to expect from much bigger brands like Target and Nordstrom.

  • Ship from Store
  • Buy Online, Pickup in Store (BOPIS)
  • Buy Online, Return in Store (BORIS)
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Find in Store Inventory Display
  • Omnichannel Gift Cards and Discounts

Product Info Management

Manage product information in Heartland and easily publish complete product info to Shopify. Inventory syncs in real-time from your selected locations to one or many Shopify locations.

  • Unique Shopify Title and Description
  • Images and Weights
  • Holdback Safety Stock to prevent oversales
  • Sale Pricing using Original Price and Current Price
  • Special features like “hidden”“always instock” and “group by color” for easier online merchandising
Grow Brick-and-Mortar Retail Sales with an Omnichannel Retail Strategy - Accumula

Omnichannel Order Management

Optimize inventory, minimize shipping costs, and save hours by automatically distributing, routing, and invoicing orders across locations. Easily ship and fulfill orders using Accumula’s Shipstation integration.

  • Fulfill from both warehouses and stores with ease
  • Automatically Distribute Line Items by Distance, Store Priority and Available Inventory
  • Minimize the number of shipments to lower shipping costs
  • Automatically Invoice Order Line Items

Accurate Financials & Returns

Full returns support for accurate financials and inventory. Accumula even works with online returns apps like Returnly, Narvar, and Loop to properly recognize discounts, exchanges, and order adjustments.

  • Cancelled Orders
  • Partially Refunded Orders
  • Not for Restock Returns
  • Works with Returnly, Narvar, and Loop returns apps
  • Discounts, Order Adjustments and Exchanges

Multiple Shopify Sites

Accumula supports multiple Shopify sites, each with their own mix of products, so you can run multiple branded sites to maximize your business. Sell unique brands, wholesale, clearance, or international.

  • Assign each site an Order Source in Springboard for reporting
  • Choose which products publish to which Shopify site
  • Unique product pricing per Shopify site

Stable Flexibility

The Accumula Platform supports a thousand retailers in 17 countries. We’re flexible enough to be able to customize to unique requirements but because we update and upgrade as our partners make changes, you aren’t on the hook for re-inventing the wheel. Examples include:

  • Order Routing/Splitting between stores point of sale and warehouses in ERP/3PL
  • Product Master List syndication from Custom Solution
  • Routing by Customer Tags

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