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Unlock Your In-Store Data for Better Marketing

Yes, it’s an omnichannel world, but more than 80% of retail sales still happen instore. Most Mailchimp POS integrations include just Customer and Email, Accumula gives you more – a lot more, to help you grow.

Make brick and mortar your secret weapon by integrating instore transaction data and extended Customer info to Mailchimp. Trigger Mailchimp Automations on a transaction basis for personalized marketing that is more relevant and more effective.

Winner of the Lightspeed Customer Success Award. More Lightspeed users rely on Accumula than any other integrator.

“Since switching to Accumula, our business has grown by 500%. It’s seamless and reliable. Highly recommended if you want real results with omnichannel.”

Chris BoneOperations,
Member Data
  • More than just Email
  • Full Address
  • Birth Month
  • Acquisition Date
  • First Transaction Date
Transaction History
  • Products Purchased
  • Transaction Location
  • Transaction Totals
  • Returns History
  • Channel Engagement

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