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Per Location, Per Month, Annual
$69 Billed Monthly (USD)

Connect up to 3 stores with your Shopify website to drive more sales. Includes Inventory and Order sync, BOPIS support, and 100 Shopify orders per month. 

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Per Location, Per Month, Annual
$119 Billed Monthly (USD)

Connect up to 5 stores with configurable Sale Pricing, Distributed Order Management, Ship from Store, multiple Shopify Sites, and 300 Shopify orders per month. 

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Up to 3 Brick and Mortar Locations ($49/69ea)

20,000 SKUs

100 Shopify orders/month

Update Inventory Quantity

Follow Shopify Routing

Platform Integrations include

Lightspeed Retail
Heartland Retail

Connect +

Up to 5 Brick and Mortar Locations ($99/119ea)

40,000 SKUs

300 Shopify orders/month

Configurable update for Product Attributes, Sale Pricing & Inventory Quantity

Smart Distributed Order Management

Feature Tags

Additional Platform Integrations include

Magento 2 (+$100/mo)
Shipstation Ship from Store

Have high order volume? More than 40,000 SKUs? 3PL? ERP?

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Easy Product Publish
Order and Return Download
Ship from Store
Instore Pickup/BOPIS
Seamless Returns


Cross-platform Expertise
Dedicated Onboarding 
Email + Chat Support

Add Ons

100 Additional Shopify Orders +$20/mo

Using Shopify Plus or need more functionality, check out our Scale plan on the other tab.

Starting at $299/mo, including 1,000 orders. Our suite of omnichannel applications is built to scale.



Connect your stores, websites, and erp/3pl to streamline omnichannel operations. 

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Engage your customers

  • Share product info across channels
  • Powerful merchandising options

Drive more sales

  • 100% inventory availability for stores and erp/3pl
  • Fulfill from stores and warehouses

Fulfill from Stores

  • Fulfill by priority and availability
  • Easy in-store fulfillment by shipping, curbside, or pickup
  • Fulfillment management and notification

Capture complete purchase histories

  • Customer history in every channel
  • “Distributed Truth” across platforms
  • Cross-platform discount tracking and attribution

Priority Support

  • Priority Support via email, chat, and zoom



Headless inventory control to optimize inventory availability and eliminate oversales.

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Drive more store traffic

  • Find in Store inventory display promotes customer trust

Eliminate oversales

  • Safety Stock thresholds
  • Flash Sale/Release Drop support
  • Manage unique Shipping and Pickup quantities

Control inventory at scale

  • Scale to hundreds of locations
  • Deliver a validated inventory experience at checkout



Intelligent order management to optimize fulfillment times and inventory efficiency.

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Fulfill from anywhere, anyhow

  • Distance-based geo-routing
  • Optimized Shipments vs First Available
  • Route by Order Tags
  • Fixed Priority Locations

Manage out of stocks

  • Pre-order management
  • Backorder management

“We spent months with another vendor trying to integrate over 100,000 SKUs, Accumula had us syncing in a matter of days.”
Devin Montgomery, Skiis & Biikes


What if I have an existing ecommerce store

Most Accumula customers already have an existing ecommerce store. When onboarding, Accumula intelligently matches products in your POS to your existing site with no danger to your site. Your Onboarding Specialist can provide a detailed matching report of your products to ensure everything will sync successfully.

Can I pay monthly?

All Accumula plans require an annual commitment. We offer a monthly billing option for our Connect Plan for an additional $20 per month. This enables us to invest in providing our customers the best possible service, including complimentary onboarding and ongoing support. Order volume on monthly plans is billed monthly.

I’ve signed up. What’s next?

After signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email with getting started steps. An Accumula Onboarding Specialist will contact you within 24 hours. Onboarding is complimentary with all plans.

What if I go over my allotted Shopify Orders?

Our hope is that your order volume grows and you sell way more than expected. If you have a massive volume increase one month because you were featured on Goop or volume is up consistently for a few months, a Customer Success representative will reach out.

How long does it take to setup?

Accumula Connect takes about 20 minutes to setup. Scale plan has more options, so your Onboarding Specialist will work with you to tailor to your needs.

The initial sync with your POS usually takes a few hours. If you have a large number of SKUs, the initial sync may take 24-48 hours. Once this initial sync completes, you’ll be able to connect to other platforms.

Are there more plans?

Nope. We don’t offer partial plans or feature only options. If you have custom or special needs, they will generally fall under our Enterprise Plan. 

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, Accumula offers discounts on multi-year commitments. Contact our team to learn more.


Custom integrations and integration customizations require our Enterprise Plan. Just let us know what you are looking for.

Can I change my point of sale or ecommerce platform?

Yes! Accumula is designed to give your business flexibility and choice. You can change platforms or upgrade. Our team will assist you in making any transitions. We even offer data migrations and training on many of the systems we support.