Your Customer is now the only channel.

We now shop at our desks, in bed, waiting for coffee, and yes, in the store. Today’s shoppers don’t see channels. They just see one brand, one relationship.

Strengthen Customer Relationships with Omnichannel Retail - Accumula
Deliver on Customer Expectations with Omnichannel Retail - Accumula

But they have infinite choices.

Retailers do not. In the last 10 years, 2/3 of retailers have failed while spending has increased. Cultivating and maintaining Customer relationships across channels is now essential to survival. Failure to connect, pivot, and anticipate their needs can be disasterous.

Get closer to your Customers.

Jeff Bezos famously said, “Whoever gets closest to the Customer wins.” SMB and DTC retailers can get closer to their Customers than anyone. With the right tools working together across online and offline channels, your brand can engage at a whole new level.
Connect With Your Customers Online and Offline with Omnichannel Retail - Accumula
Create a Better Customer Experience with Omnichannel Retail - Accumula

Create a culture of “yes.”

You can empower brand-defining experiences by saying “yes” to your customers, no matter which channel they engage with.

  • Increase choice by making more inventory available with Ship from Store
  • Show Customers what is in stock where with Store Availability display
  • Simplify returns and exchanges with Buy Online, Return in Store
  • Improve satisfaction with Buy Online, Pickup in Store
  • Inspire in the moment by selling on Social channels
  • Expand buying options with Omnichannel Gift Cards
  • Drive savings with Omnichannel Discounts

Be more relevant.

Yes, it’s an omnichannel world, but more than 80% of retail sales still happen offline. Make brick and mortar your secret weapon by unlocking offline data to drive personalized marketing that is more relevant and more effective.

Grow Brick-and-Mortar Retail Sales with an Omnichannel Retail Strategy - Accumula

Make an impact

“Accumula didn’t just integrate our operations and grow our sales, it had a cultural impact on our teams that was game-changing. We now understand our Customers much better.”
Peter Fuller, Ecom Manager, Bella Ella Boutiques

Let us show you how.

We’ll take you on a quick, no-pressure tour of our platform. You’ll learn why thousands of retailers are graduating from typical inventory management and pos/ecom solutions, and growing faster with Accumula.

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