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Consumers Are Demanding a Better Experience—Here’s How Accumula Can Help

10/01/2019 | 01:00 PM | 5 Min Read

Consumers Are Demanding a Better Experience—Here’s How Accumula Can Help - Accumula Blog

Despite dramatic transformations in retail strategy over the past few years, most retailers are still playing catch-up to meet customer expectations.

Consumers understand how technology can be used to make the shopping experience more efficient, personalized, and memorable. But as more and more retailers work to meet these rising expectations, consumers have less patience for brands resistant to change.

Investments in the right technology can help brands decrease operational costs while addressing friction points that impede customer experiences. Here’s how Accumula can help your company provide the customer experience your audience demands.

A Consistent Shopping Experience Everywhere They Go

Retailers waste their time when they consider retail channels in isolation from one another. The truth is that single-channel shoppers are now in the distinct minority; an estimated 73 percent of consumers use multiple channels when they shop.

When consumers move from mobile to desktop to in-store shopping, they expect a consistent experience. That includes everything from marketing messaging and retail brand style to product information such as product descriptions and pricing. 

Accumula’s transparent product information management (PIM) ensures your product information is consistent across every channel, saving your customers the frustration of experiencing friction and mixed messaging in the natural course of their cross-channel journey.

Free guide: Learn how to create a seamless customer experience across every  channel. >>

Fast, Flexible Order Fulfillment (and Returns)

Consumers may not know what “fulfillment” is, but they know it when they receive it. Amazon has almost single-handedly changed fulfillment expectations for shoppers everywhere. Order fulfillment options, including fast shipping, in-store pickup, and same-day delivery, are now key points of differentiation for retailers.

Today’s shoppers want maximum flexibility when shopping with a brand. This has triggered a dramatic rise in omnichannel fulfillment options such as buy-online, pickup-in-store (BOPIS); ship from store; and even same-day delivery. Most shoppers want the same convenience when returning an item, too, so your business should make it easy by supporting a streamlined online returns process, as well as buy-online, return in-store (BORIS) cases.

The race to make the fastest delivery is intense across every retail vertical. In 2018, 51 percent of Ecommerce brands were already offering same-day delivery. That number is expected to climb to 65 percent by 2020. Accumula delivers a great last-mile delivery experience across channels with full support for apps like Zapiet, a flexible online app tailored for in-store pickup and same-day delivery. 

Accumula also supports seamless in-store and online returns by providing full support for online return experience apps like Returnly and NarVar so you can enable easy returns across channels.

Efficiency and Convenience

Fulfillment from stores, a.k.a “ship from store,” can make inventory management nearly 100 percent more efficient. Accumula intelligently automates fulfillment through warehouse locations and brick-and-mortar stores, even splitting orders between both when needed. This optimized supply chain management results in higher availability, faster delivery, and lower shipping costs.

We help make your shoppers more efficient, too. Sixty-four percent of consumers now expect retail brands to interact with them in real time, whether it’s for customer service queries or inventory info. Accumula displays your in-store inventory for each item right on your site so local shoppers know for sure which store has the item in stock. No assumptions, no wasted trips, no sad faces. 

Technology is the foundation of any retail transformation strategy. But the process of implementing these digital solutions shouldn’t distract you from the bigger-picture goal of providing better service to your customers.

Accumula’s software is designed to serve both of these ambitions at once, providing easy-to-use tools and solutions that facilitate fast, seamless adoption—all while allowing you to focus on your customers.

Want to learn more about how Accumula can help you deliver a better customer experience? Chat with our team here! 

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